General Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings:

We must be informed prior to travel of all booking data that are decisive for us, such as arrival time, flight number, etc. The client making the booking is responsible for this. In the event you do not receive important flight data until you reach the airport, please phone us or fax us the flight data. Under no circumstances is it sufficient to give the driver incomplete flight data. A booking can be made in writing, by telephone or per Internet. The booking is made by the applicant also for all those named in the booking and for whose contractual obligations the applicant assumes liability in the same manner as he/she does for his/her own contractual obligations.

The written confirmation of Fahr-& Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk is binding. Every booking received at least 7 days prior to travel is confirmed in writing. The customer is obliged to check the booking confirmation immediately for any incorrect content, errors and inconsistencies and to notify Fahr-& Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk of such without delay. Pick-up time and route are determined by us. We reserve the right to change the time slightly (max. 60 minutes).

Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk reserves the right to combine trips that are geographically expedient to operate. Exclusive transfer of a customer is only undertaken if the customer concerned has expressly booked an individual transfer (for an additional charge). Please phone us at +49 (0) 5261-187218 for “individual transfers”.

Group bookings of more than 8 persons:
The price of the transfer is valid provided the end of the trip upon which it is based is not later than indicated. Route changes and changes in services always require a new price calculation. The additional charge per vehicle for exceeding the time is EUR 50.00 an hour. Please remember that the space for luggage in the boot of the vehicle is limited. The max. weight per piece of luggage is 25 kg. The statutory driving and rest periods must be observed.

2. Cancellation conditions:

The customer can cancel the booking free of charge up to 7 days prior to commencement of the trip / transfer. Fees for cancellation less than 7 days prior to travel are calculated as follows: up to 5 days prior to travel 50% of the fare of the transfer booked, up to 3 days prior to travel 75% of the fare of the transfer booked, after that 100% of the fare of the transfer booked.

On principle, 100% of the fare of the transfer booked is charged in the case of short-term bookings of less than 48 hours prior to commencement of travel if these are cancelled within this period.

3. Fares:

On principle the fare must be paid in full before commencement of the transfer.

The fare includes the transfer, transfer of luggage plus the statutory value added tax.

The customer must give notification of bulky goods, which may be charged for separately.

We charge an extra EUR 5.00 per run in town and EUR 10.00 out of town for every other pick-up destination within the booking.

4. Changes in bookings:

Should you discover during your holiday that the return flight has been changed drastically, the person who made the booking is obliged to notify Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk of such.

It is imperative to notify us in the case of a booking being changed to a plane with a different flight number. Otherwise the right to be collected becomes null and void. For data protection reasons we receive no information from the airline about flight changes!

5. Return journeys:

Pick-up takes place per name sign directly at the gate (customs exit).

Should our employee not be there to meet you, please remain in the building close to the gate under all circumstances. This is imperative in order to ensure a trouble-free pick-up.

The customer must accept a waiting period of up to 60 minutes.

6. Delays:

Should the return flight be delayed, we will wait at least 60 minutes, calculated from the scheduled arrival time. In the event of delays longer than 60 minutes, it could be possible that the vehicle standing by undertakes a different trip first. Those concerned must then wait until the vehicle returns. The return transfer will definitely take place! The customer is not entitled to transfer or a refund in the event the customer him/herself has subsequently changed the time.

7. Vehicle breakdown:

In the event our vehicle is delayed by more than 30 minutes before commencement of the transfer, we shall bear the extra costs for getting to the respective airport by taxi.

The passenger him/herself is responsible for any supplementary insurances.

We shall bear the extra costs in the event a passenger misses his/her flight through our fault.

For all other time deviations Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk will do its utmost to make a vehicle available. In particular exceptional situations, such as an air traffic controller strike or extremely bad weather conditions, can only be compensated by Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk to a certain extent, so that customers must also accept longer waiting times. The customer is not entitled to a replacement transfer in the case of any time deviations for which Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk bears no responsibility.

8. Guarantee/Liability:

Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk is liable within the context of the due diligence required of a prudent businessman for conscientious preparation of the agreed journeys and the contractually agreed travel service. On principle Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk assumes no liability for unforeseeable events, in particular such events for which Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk bears no responsibility. Insofar as insurance cover exists within the framework of statutory liability insurance, Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk shall be liable vis-à-vis the customer within the framework of the relevant applicable legal regulations in the case of damage. Insofar damage is not covered by the liability insurance, the liability of Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk for material damage and loss is limited to maximum EUR 1,000 per booking, provided the damage was not caused wilfully or gross negligently by Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk. The customer is obliged to notify Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk of any complaints concerning the service in writing and without delay at the latest 14 days after conclusion of the journey undertaken in connection with the service.

9. Data procesing:

Fahr- & Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk is permitted to process the data provided by the customer, subject to this being necessary for the performance of the contract.
Address, place of performance and jurisdiction.
The address of Fahr- Kurierservice OWL Peter Türk is as follows:
Fahr - & Kurierservice OWL Inh. Peter Türk, Leuchte 6a, D-32657 Lemgo.
The place of performance is Lemgo. Provided the customer is a merchant, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes is also Lemgo.

Severability Clause:

Should one or more of the provisions of these contractual terms be or become invalid in whole or in part or should it/they subsequently lose its/their legal effectiveness, this shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by legal regulations. The same shall apply to any unforeseen gaps in these provisions.